Hail the New Year

Tracking tip of the month: Wait for it to snow! Or at least freeze. Granted this does not do much for those of us in AZ or Sunny California but even the occasional frost or heavy dew will lead to clear-cut tracks. But be warned…shortly after the sun rises, the tracks will simply melt away. Literally. Time is short, track while you can!


Well, 2015 is now upon us. For me, it crept closer, nearly unseen upon stealthy feet and hushed breath, until it slapped me in the face.

“HELLO!” says 2015. “WAKE UP! What have you done with 2014? Not much? Well, shake it gal!”

Okay okay. I deliver a swift kick to my own buttocks and reflect…no…bad me…STOP REFLECTING AND START DOING! 2014 was a year of ups and downs. I began working out this summer but have since quit. I started a blog but haven’t posted in months. I went back to writing but stopped when things got busy and life got more difficult. I faced my husband with my problems and we both promised to work on it, but since have gone back to the same ol’ situations.

I can give many excuses – starting a new business, daughter diagnosed with severe depression, marriage in shambles, back injury, blah blah. But what it all comes down to is:


Stuck within myself and my life, feeling like I can’t move forward in anything. But with 2015 looming, indeed already poking its icy finger in my back to prod me along, I am setting my jaw to start getting myself moving again. This year promises to be a year of change, (actually guaranteed change) and I am determined to steer the course in the direction I want for once instead of just letting the currents take me.

Yeah, I know. Big talk for someone who has rarely taken a hand at the tiller, especially if it meant rough waters or going in a direction that might not be ideal for others in my life. But this time I am going to take my desires into consideration and work with the problems that seem to crop up constantly. Posting it here seems to make me somewhat accountable, especially as I actually have a couple of followers now. (Imagine a different happy dance for each new follower!)

1. Dealing with my daughter – This is my number one priority as my kids have always been. I am there for her 110% but will try to be there for myself on her good days when she doesn’t need me so much.

2. Husband taking a job out of state – It’s still in the interview stage but looking very likely. This will not only affect our teenage daughter but my growing business and, of course, our marriage. We have already decided I will stay here until my daughter graduates high school but I can’t be running a business and flying back and forth. Decisions need to be made and soon.

3. A very good friend is retiring and also moving out of state. I am sure we will keep in touch but I am trying to gear myself up to looking for other groups. This will probably be my weakness as I am more comfortable behind a computer than in a room of strangers.

I figure that’s enough for now. Not formal resolutions because I don’t really believe in those. Just a course for me to follow so when life shoves me, at least I will stumble in the right direction.