I’m baaaaack!

Ok all. So sorry I have been away for so long. I have had quite the whirlwind life, some good, some bad, some the usual busy-ness that comes with life and family. I realize it has been over a year and let me tell you, getting back on this site was a three-day event!

The hosting hub changed hands AND changed the way they do things so I had to start from the beginning and I really still do not know what I am doing but am muddling through. THEN I had to get to my admin of the blog in order to add new. I could go to my page and read it like any other person but not get into it so that was another day figuring that out. Then I had to do all the stuff I had ignored for four days. Those got done (or mostly) so here I am at last.

I promise to get back to the blog in a day or two. I haveĀ a LOT to say and will hopefully not fall down again in my writing endeavors. I also realize nobody is probably reading this but I am acting like I have a huge audience because it makes me try harder. So my past year has given me a lot to write about: children, marriage, my inner discoveries both good and bad, friends, family, etc.

It promises to be a smorgasbord of wonderful and awful, don’t miss it!

See you soon,