Tracking tip of the week

#1 – Look for circling birds, the larger the better. Center on the circle but wait until they start to land or the thing might not be dead. FYI, the more birds, the bigger the thing. Rabbits, ok. Bengal Tiger, not so much. Different advice with different birds coming with next tips.

The first question is always “Why would you want to track dead things?” My answer is “If you didn’t want to, why click on this site?” Either way, weekly tips will be posted as a heading to my blog. And it is my blog. Don’t care if anyone follows, enjoys or reads. This is for me to get back into daily writing and become more tech savvy in the process. If anything I write resonates with just one person, I am content.

Why am I starting blogging? Especially when I swore I never would tweet or blog or get involved in any social media. My daughter was a big influence, telling me that I was cool funny and everyone else needed to be able to read the cool things I talked about so they would all know what a great person I am. Actually she said something like “You’re funny mom. You should blog.” How I choose to interpret that is my business.

Tracking dead things came up in one of those random train of thoughts while chatting with said daughter. My consumption of 2 Long Island Ice Teas (hereafter known as LIIT) probably added to the silliness and we started thinking up ideas on how to find dead animals. I said “I track dead things” sounded like a .com. She said I should totally blog and I said I would get on that immediately! So four months later, here it is!

Ok, I don’t usually procrastinate that long (total lie, am #1 procrastinator of the Southwest) but I have been in a dark place for a long time. Some of it was from my own making, some from external sources. I finally am coming out of it and determined to enjoy all of life that I can. So future blogs might be about those dark places, some might be all fun and games. We will have to see but so looking forward to the journey!